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Overall basement looks OK

Chair has water collected in it, but I don't think the water level reached that high, so I suspect the leak was near the chair.

Bottom of heater is rusted, but it's still running.

No damage visible to me on the pipes from below.

There is some water mark around a hole that once existed in that area, though.

The mop is still wet, but the wood seems to be dry and mostly un-marked.

The paint on the floor around the edges is cracked and peeling, but the wood is unaffected. Perhaps the water was only an inch and did not reach above the feet. But the unprotected wood sucked it upwards.

Standing water in the lid of the garbage can (which was tipped over when we found it).

The bottom of the door was swollen and appears to have sucked up some water.

the other furnuture does not seem to be affected.

Maybe some damage to the feet of this table.

Water mark outside the bathroom.

Tub has a little dirt.

But interior of bathroom shows little signs of water marking.

Thermostat is set appropriately, although it felt warmer than amy and I expected.

Support beams show some water marking, but appear to have soaked the water upwards so it's hard to tell the level.

These two pieces were together, but after I separated them I saw some water still in them. Also, I turned the water off at the meter.

Bottom valve of water shut off is very rusted -- I was afraid the handle would break.

Finally found some signs of water upstairs in the corner of the bathroom closet.

But nothing under the sink.

And nothing by the toilet.